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Vaifoa- Proverb: (Wise Saying) - Social Studies

Proverb: (Wise Saying)

“The me you see is the me you will be!”

Vaifoa Lam Sam:

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  • I am physically active
  • I can cope well with others
  • I’m able to be a good listener
  • I’m a fast learner
  • People can trust me
  • I am reliable
  • I can improve
  • I can take responsibility for my own belongings
  • I can follow specific instructions
  • I can figure out a simple situation and help others
  • I am able to take charge of my learning
  • I’m a hard worker and always willing to learn

In P.E, I am able to move around swiftly because I consider to be a physically active person. I find sports very fun and enjoyable and I try to get the most out of it so it could hopefully become a future career. When instructed to work in groups, I can cope very well with my fellow group members as I am willing to help them out for the given tasks and also learn from other student’s opinions and ideas that could work within the group. I’d always pay attention to my teacher so I can be able to know what to.

When an unknown task comes my way, I am able to observe and learn all the basics first of that task and try to improve my ways of learning, I can pick up the basics fast because I have the courage to be able to find my own ways. I’ve been very trustworthy for others… my friends, family because I can take care of my own learning and belongings well. I’m very indeed reliable because I am always willing to take care of others and also be there when people need in sports, I’m always there with my team and support them throughout the entire games and activities we attend.

I am able to follow specific instructions when given by my teacher because I am always trying to get the most out of my work and listen to what I have to complete. When a very difficult situation doesn’t work well in my group, I can figure out a simple strategy so I can help them out and maybe they could help me out as well. When someone tries to distract me with my learning, I am able to take charge of myself and not get distracted from their actions, instead of talking to them about what’s not about the subject we’re trying to complete… I can talk them out of it and start up a conversation about the subject we’re learning and talk to them about an interesting fact within the subject.

I am a very hardworking student who is always willing to learn new interesting facts and subjects. Others would consider working with me because they see my positive impacts and can work well with me since I’m a very hard worker. Every time in class, I try to get the most out of our learning and create some fun interesting presentations and also design pieces of artwork in art class… which I find very enjoyable.

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