Thursday, 24 November 2016

Vaifoa- NZ Food Web

For Science this term, we've been given a task to complete about "Food chain." Our main task was to draw lines to whether what eats what. The food chain started from Trees and ended at the animals that eat birds such as the stoats, Possum and Rat. We had to organize the NZ Food Web which had a lot of lines. The native NZ Tui bird eats the Kowhai tree (NZ tree, translation of Kowhai: Yellow). Here is a picture that our teacher took of our completed Food chain. This diagram (picture) shows different animals eating one another and got it's nutrition from either of them. So insects eat some trees and so does birds.

Vaifoa- Digital Learning Object (Bacteria & Cells)

Greetings, my name is Vaifoa Lam Sam and for Science this term, we had been given a task to complete which is our DLO (Digital Learning Object) here is a presentation (DLO) that i've completed by myself about all the things we've learnt in our Science class. Thankyou for your time :D

Vaifoa- Maori Mihi

Tena Koutou Katoa
Ko Vaifoa ahau
I te taha maui (left)
Ko Haarera tenei (this)
No Maketu ia
Morena Hauraki

This morning during 2nd period, we had todo our mihi, (an introduction of our selves.) Here is a reflection of my mihi that I've done.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Vaifoa- "Immune System"

Image result for how the immune system works

This is a diagram of "The Human Immune System"

When bacteria enters the immune system, it is the enemy of the cells in the human body. The body cells are the living things in your body that protects your body from harmful bacteria, so basically, it helps the human body keep clean and safe from bacteria. Bacteria is a harmful living thing that is found anywhere within the air and if it enters the human body through a cut or some kind of blood source that is on the outside of the body. If the bacteria goes to the blood vessels, it becomes harmful for the human body, it causes a disease or infection.

Jot Plot:

1. Cells
2. Immune System
3. Kills
4. Removes
5. Reproduce
6. Bacteria
7. T Helper Cell
8. Cells
9. Dendritic cell
10. Antibody
11. Body cells
12. Blood vessels
13. Organs
14. Harmful bacteria
15. Antivirus
16. Memory cells
17. Protective cell
18. Neutrophil cells
19. Messenger protein
20. Macrophage

Seven Important Words:
1. Memory cells
2. Macrophage
3. Messenger protein
4. Dendritic cell
5. Bacteria
6. T Helper Cell
7. Body cells