Monday, 27 February 2017

Vaifoa- Powtoon Presentation (Hauora)

Hello my name is Vaifoa Lam Sam and here is a self-made presentation with the help of "Powtoon", this presentation allows you to see what my interests are... what affects the four dimensions within my Hauora, Taha Tinana (Physical), Taha Hinegaro (Mental/Emotional), Taha Wairua (Spiritual), Taha Whanau (Social). Tune in and I really hope you enjoy watching my presentation. You will most likely to pause the video if you don't have enough time to read what is on this slideshow. Thank you for your time, I appreciate it :D


  1. Hey Vaifoa, I loved watching your PowToon! I like how you explained how your activities relate to the dimensions in your clip, rather than in a post. I just picked up you put YouTube as part of your social wellbeing - if you are feeling lonely OR with your friends it is part of your social, but ENJOYING YouTube is related to your mental and emotional because enjoyment is a feeling :) I like how you have started to link the dimensions together (going to church), this is the next challenge for you, trying to explain how activities affect more than one dimension. Can't wait to see what you create this year - are there applications you really enjoy using? Miss D :)

    1. Thank you for this phenomenal feedback! I do enjoy using applications that allow me to Design and Create such as Prezi, Google Presentation and Powtoon- I really like the animations that are added in this application.

    2. Awesome, hopefully we can try and include more into future lessons :) Was this the first time you used PowToon?