Monday, 27 February 2017

Vaifoa- Issues and Possible Solutions

Greetings and welcome to my blog post! During ICT (DigiTech) Class with Ms Anderson, we've been learning about creating a multi-level game, we've been planning on making a multi-level game that focuses on the topic of "Sustainability." This diagram I've created using Google Drawing is to signify the planning of what an issue is within the Tamaki Community and convert that into a "Multi-level" game which is created using a Game Making Application called Scratch. You might of have seen my previous blog post about the game I've created using Scratch and that is just the basics that will lead to making a game that is much more related to school which will help the Tamaki Community. Please feel free to leave some feedback :)

Here is the link to find a Google Form Survey to help me figure out what type of game I should make.
I'd appreciate it very much if you'd check it out, thank you for your time!


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